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Smoke an Eel
Eel with Olives, Chilli & Capers (Anguilla Livernese)
Smoked Eel & Beetroot  canapé
Eel in Black Bean Sauce
Kumara topped creamy smoked eel pie
Caterpillar Sushi Roll Burger (Eel Burger)
Tuna and ti kouka by Charles Royal
Chargrilled Eel in Lemongrass & turmeric
Unagi Don Grilled Eel
Rice Bowl
Smoked Eel, Apple & Rocket Salad
Poached Eel and Coriander Dumplings

The Eel Enhancement Company represents the interests of North Island eel quota owners. EECo includes individuals, private companies and Maori entities. Iwi control or hold approx. 50% of North Island eel quota.

Our primary function is to protect and enhance the eel fishery.

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